Engaging & Retaining Teams – Virtual Workshop


Engaging & Retaining Teams – Virtual Workshop

  • Virtual workshop for up to 30 participants
  • 90 min, highly interactive
  • Assessment, planning worksheet & discussion guide
  • Supporting video & article

Nathan will reach out to schedule your workshop within 90 days of purchase.



Engaging & Retaining Teams Workshop Overview – 2 min

More resources are being devoted to employee engagement than ever before, but disengagement scores are lower than ever. When team members aren’t committed to the organization or its goals, they look for a better opportunity elsewhere instead of investing in the opportunity they have. Great leaders create engaged teams who stay and grow their organizations while engaging others. In this virtual workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognize the anatomy (levels) of engagement: Hands + Head + Heart
  • Identify seven critical drivers of engagement
  • Evaluate a four part strategy for engaging their teams: Engage with + Equip + Empower + Encourage
  • Assess engagement effectiveness
  • Activity: Identify individual engagement opportunity & complete an action plan

Here’s how the Leadership-in-a-Box® Engaging & Retaining Teams workshop works virtually.

  • What: Engaging & Retaining Teams – Virtual Workshop
  • Who: You may invite up to 30 participants to attend
  • Format: Virtual Workshop – hosted by Nathan & Leadership-in-a-Box® via Zoom (includes breakout discussions!)
  • Time: 60 min (high interaction) or 90 min (very high interaction)
  • When: Within 90 days of purchase (Nathan will reach out to schedule)
  • Cost: $3,750

Participants will also receive:

  • Engagement Self Assessment
  • Engagement Worksheet
  • Video: Engagement is All About Connection
  • Article: Mastering the Seven Drivers of Employee Engagement
  • Engaging & Retaining Teams Discussion Guide

Benefit: By participating in this program, your team will have the tools and ability to create positive engagement as soon as the workshop ends.

Have questions first or need an in-person event? Email nathan@nathanmagnuson.com

Here is our Engagement is All About Connection video (2 min):