"Nathan Magnuson is a breath of fresh air in the smoke-filled back rooms of leadership theory."

— Mark Miller, VP, High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Inc. & International Bestselling Author

Ignite Your Leadership Expertise: Become the Trusted Advisor Others Seek

How would you like to be the next leadership expert? Even more, how would you like others to value and seek your input? It’s well within your reach, even if you’re a new, young or relatively inexperienced leader.

Drawing on over a decade of leadership and consulting experiences, Nathan Magnuson shares how to identify the leadership expertise you already possess, how to proactively and strategically develop it for deeper impact and how to confidently share it with others in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

About the Author

Nathan Magnuson is a corporate leadership consultant, author and communicator. His writing “career” began as a kid with a monthly family publication of Nate’s News and continued with various blog, article and book projects along the way. His articles are posted on NathanMagnuson.com and in various leadership publications. Ignite Your Leadership Expertise is his first book publication.

Nathan has worked in a staff or consulting role with several Fortune 500 companies and large public service organizations, including Accenture, MASCO, FBI, and Defense Intelligence Agency. Nathan is also a military veteran, having served a tour with the Army Special Operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Nathan grew up in Kansas City and resides in Austin, TX. At any given time, you might find him enjoying the city, watching football or collaborating with other leaders to bring the next big idea to life.


"Nathan Magnuson is a breath of fresh air in the smoke-filled back rooms of leadership theory. His voice is pragmatic, pointed, and passionate. Leaders need someone who is ahead of them on the journey to shout back both warnings and the way forward. Thanks, Nathan, for investing your leadership energy to serve others… not surprising you would - that’s what great leaders do!"
Mark Miller
International Bestselling Author
Vice President High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
"As someone who has served thousands of leaders over the years, I've learned that book smarts can only take you so far down the road of effective leadership. It's people smarts that allow great leaders to gain the trust and confidence of the ones they serve. Ignite Your Leadership Expertise shows how to grow them both in ways other people find helpful and meaningful. Great work, Nathan!"
Bob Tiede
Author of Great Leaders ASK Questions & Blogger

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