Weekly Leadership Series: Share the Spotlight

Have you ever seen a basketball player steal a pass with an unimpeded race to the goal? Many times they leap, spinning into the air for an acrobatic scoring finish. But every once in a while, the player turns and lofts up a soft pass for a teammate to get a thundering slam dunk.

What’s your response when a work situation puts you in the spotlight? It’s natural to want to showcase our skills, expertise or voice. It takes great discipline (and maturity) to draw others in and share the glory. If there’s only so much spotlight to go around, sharing can feel like losing. But when it comes to results, sharing is winning. Why? Because the strength of a team committed to each other’s success is always greater than the strength of an individual.

Success is a team sport – and it’s so much more enjoyable when everyone works together. It starts by taking the opportunity to share the spotlight.

Key Takeaway: The best teammates look for ways to share the spotlight with each other.

Question for the Week:

How can you share the spotlight with one of your teammates?

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