Weekly Leadership Series

Leadership is more mission critical than it’s ever been, but most corporate leadership initiatives are expensive, time consuming and usually limited to top roles or top performers in the organization. Not any longer. In addition to the Leadership-in-a-Box corporate training program series, I’m proud to introduce the Weekly Leadership Series (WLS).

The best part about Weekly Leadership Series is each item contains a relevant question for the team to discuss throughout the week that ties directly to team effectiveness. Team leaders don’t need to prepare a leadership message, they can simply use the WLS content.

Here are a few sample Weekly Leadership Series emails:

If your organization is desperate for leadership development, but doesn’t have a process, budget or infrastructure to provide quality leadership programming for every team member at once, Weekly Leadership Series is just the resource for you!

Pricing varies based on the size of the organization. To inquire, contact nathan@nathanmagnuson.com.