Top 10 Posts of 2018

The seventh year of the Everyday Leadership blog has come to a close in 2018. Here are the Top 10 written works (not just posts this time!) from the year. (By the way, you can view all my past Top 10 posts as well.)

Thanks for engaging with my work in 2018!

Ignite Your Leadership Expertise (Book)

My first book Ignite Your Leadership Expertise was published earlier this year! The book shows how to grow your expertise in leadership while also growing trust with the people around you.

Nine Ways to Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For (White Paper)

This new white paper gives nine compelling strategies to earn the respect, engagement and high performance of the members of your team.

Should I Focus on My Strengths or My Weaknesses?

Many of us focus on our weaknesses without realizing the “dark side” of our strengths can be much more detrimental.

The Applause of a Single Human Being

The biggest difference you can make may be as simple as the applause, appreciation or recognition you share.

The Three Leadership Questions I Always Ask

Leadership expert and blogger Bob Tiede shared an excerpt from Ignite Your Leadership Expertise. These three questions are easy to remember and natural to ask. When asked, both your leadership expertise and ability to influence will grow.

More Smiles, More Dollars

A smile communicates many positive messages. When given in a professional setting, the monetary reward can be significant.

Ignite Your Leadership Expertise – Interview

Leadership expert and blogger Joe Lalonde shared an interview based on Ignite Your Leadership Expertise. I shared how new leaders can gain traction in their roles and how we can all ignite a love for leadership in others.

How to Lead Former Peers

One of the great stressors of a new promotion is figuring out how to behave when put in charge of former peers.

Respond to Crises with Clarify and Confidence

You may not be able to plan ahead for a crisis, but knowing how to respond could make all the difference in the world.

3 Ways to Pursue Productive Failure

Failure isn’t final. It’s a teaching tool that shows us how to be better next time.

Nathan Magnuson is an executive leadership consultant, coach, facilitator and author of the books Stand Out! and Ignite Your Leadership Expertise. Click to see the exciting ways Nathan is helping organizations and teams become more effective.