Top 10 Posts from 2014

It’s been another great year for Everyday Leadership. Visitors stopped by from nearly every country. My Trusted Leadership Advisor ebook finally got posted (check it out, it’s free!). Thanks for making it another a great year!

Here are the top 10 posts from 2014. And incidentally, you can also see the top 10 posts from every other year as well. See you in 2015!

Top 10c

How to Tell Who the Real Leader Is

I used to think you could tell the real leaders by their charisma, looks and ability to maintain a high profile. Now I know what to look for.

Where Credibility Comes From

You can’t give yourself credibility. It can only be given to you by others. Here’s how to get it.

What Coaching Leaders Do Differently

People throw around the term “coaching” like it’s the flavor of the week. But true coaching is a set of skills.

How to Bounce Back from Adversity

Everyone gets knocked down. You only lose if you stay down. Here’s how to get back up.

Catch People Doing Something Right

Do people behave a certain way because of you or in spite of you? If you change your perspective, you can change what you reinforce.

The Fear of the Finger

No one wants to be the one left holding the bag. Not everyone can muster up the courage it takes to lead. Can you?

What Young People Need to Hear About Leadership

The next generation won’t wait. Here’s what we need to tell them.

Leadership Myth: You Need a Title to Be a Leader

If you can’t lead without authority, you’ll never be able to lead with authority.

How to Respond to a Mistake

Mistakes can be painful. They can also provide an opportunity for growth that we’d otherwise miss.

How to Get Great Feedback

Feedback is important. Good feedback is crucial. But we can’t use it if we don’t get any.

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