Top 10 Blog Highlights from 2012

As I mentioned earlier this week, 2012 has been a wonderful year for the Thoughts for the Everyday Leader blog with visitors from 57 different countries. There’s more to come in 2013, but in the meantime, here are the top 10 posts from 2012.

Top 10

New Employee Onboarding: The Honeymoon Phase

Apparently many folks have either been starting new jobs or preparing for new employees to join them because this post quickly became the most viewed post on the site.

Favorite Books on Leadership

Who doesn’t love a good book list? This post continues to get new visitors nearly every day. Each book includes an outgoing link to check it out on Amazon.

Three Keys to Sustaining Culture Change

I had so much fun working on this that I had to write about it.

What’s the Big Deal About Employee Engagement?

I still believe that if you give employees what they want most, they’ll give you everything they have in return. Here are some tips on how to do that.

The Cost of Unclear Expectations

This was the very first post of this site – a short idea, but one I have been committed to for quite some time.

The Felix Baumgartner Guide to Living on the Edge

Did you get to see Fearless Felix’ dive from 128,000 feet in October? If not, relive both the event and the life-lessons.

Resilience and the Pan Am Flight 73 Hijacking

Tragedy impacts every leader at some level over the course of a lifetime. From the words of the psychologists to the survivors of the PanAm flight 73 hijacking, “you have the power to overcome.”

How to Complete an Individual Development Plan

Corporate America is investing more and more money and effort into official individual development planning programs. Here are the IDP basics.

The Courage to Lead

This post highlights the leadership lessons I’ve learned about courage both in the military and consulting national security and intelligence agencies. Courage isn’t for the special few, it’s for everyone. We need courage now more than ever.

The Three Leadership Questions I Always Ask

Where do you start when you get into a leadership conversation? This is what I do.

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