"The need to expedite the development of young professionals to take on significant leadership roles has never been greater, and Nathan continues to be a trusted thought leader in making this a reality."

– Eric Evans, CEO, Surgery Partners, Inc

How will I find my sense of purpose? What does success in my job look like? Is it possible to find work I love? Will my organization help me reach my goals – and my dreams?

If you’ve asked any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is it possible to succeed – it’s well within your reach. Stand Out! is the blueprint for leadership, career and personal development for young professionals.

On the other hand, if you’re a senior leader wondering how to engage, develop and retain your young professionals, Stand Out! will give you the language you need to get started.

Drawing on over a decade of leadership and consulting experiences with executive teams and young professionals groups, Nathan Magnuson’s book Stand Out! shows young professionals how to:

  • Take ultimate ownership for your career success
  • Develop an infectious winning attitude that is impossible to ignore
  • Identify and achieve the kind of work you’ll love
  • Grow your work capabilities, people skills and career savvy
  • Engage yourself with your work, colleagues and organization
  • Lead with confidence and clarity

About the Author

Nathan Magnuson is a leadership and young professional expert and serves as a consultant, coach and speaker for corporate audiences. He’s worked in a staff or consulting role with many Fortune 500 companies and large public service organizations, including Accenture, MASCO, FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency, among others. Nathan is also a military veteran, having served with the Army Special Operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In addition to corporate work, Nathan is the author of Stand Out! and Ignite Your Leadership Expertise. Nathan’s articles and resources are posted on his website NathanMagnuson.com and in various leadership publications.


"Nathan’s concise principles create a clear plan to authentically be the young professional employee every organization wants. This is the book I wish I had coming off the farm many years ago."
Dan Miller
New York Times Bestselling Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
and host of the 48 Days podcast
"This book is an excellent field manual for young professionals who wish to accelerate their personal and professional growth.”
Janet Kamerman
Executive Assistant Director (retired), Federal Bureau of Investigation
"Stand Out! should be required reading for new employees, and probably all the others, at every organization.”

Mark Miller
Vice President High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Inc. &
International Bestselling Author of Chess Not Checkers
"In a world where job possibilities are endless, Nathan helps equip young professionals with tools necessary to get them into their zones of excellence."
Chris Tuff
Bestselling author of The Millennial Whisperer

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