Stand Out! Book

My new book Stand Out! Become a Young Professional Who Wins at Work and Life will release in early 2020.

“Nathan Magnuson is a leader compelled by the unshakeable desire to serve others… he was born to help people grow! In his most recent book, Stand Out!, Nathan brings his trademark candor and freshness to the day-to-day realities faced by young professionals around the world. His advice is born of experience and his wisdom forged in the trenches of the modern workplace. This book should be required reading for new employees, and probably all the others, at every organization.”

– Mark Miller, VP, High Performance Leadership, Chick-fil-A, Inc. & International Bestselling Author of Chess Not Checkers

“This is a message every young professional needs. In a culture characterized by blame, entitlement, and indecision, Stand Out! stands out! Success begins with personal accountability and as Nathan writes, you’re never too young to set a good example. Thank you for encouraging our young professionals, Nathan!”

– John G. Miller, Author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

“In a world where job possibilities are endless, Nathan helps equip young professionals with tools necessary to get them into their zones of excellence. Life should be a ruthless pursuit of purpose and Nathan helps young people fulfill both passions and professions!”

– Chris Tuff, Bestselling author of The Millennial Whisperer

“Nathan’s message for young professionals stands out! As CEO of a company that supports thousands of emerging professionals every year, I believe there is no more important endeavor today than to equip young professionals to be more self-aware, purpose-driven leaders. Nathan’s simple, clear lessons on self-awareness, commitment to purpose and leadership do exactly that!”

– Daniel Jacobs, CEO, Avanoo

“Stand Out! is both timeless and timely. Nathan Magnuson harvests powerful insights from the literature on leadership development and crafts them into a very accessible guide to growing as a young professional. The book’s timeliness comes from his experience as a Millennial professional and his keen observation of peers and bosses. His conclusions and recommendations ring true for the 2020s!”

– Robert J. Thomas, Author of Crucibles of Leadership and Executive Director (retired), Accenture Institute of High Performance

“You wouldn’t think of going on a road trip without your GPS app handy. Neither should you set out on your career journey without a trustworthy guide. Stand Out! is just that. Packed with practical, actionable advice, this is the handbook for setting professional habits that will propel you to success in any field you choose. Read it, live it, share it and repeat!”

– L. David Kingsley, Chief People Officer, Vlocity

“Young professionals everywhere want to know: Is it possible to love my job and make a difference? In a business world that sometimes seems faceless and harsh, Stand Out! offers quick, practical, and insightful advice to help you earn respect and find meaning in your work.”

Dr. Jeff Myers, President, Summit Ministries

“Nathan Magnuson correctly states in his opening chapter that, “Young professionals today are the leaders of tomorrow.” His latest book Stand Out! demonstrates not only that he cares about developing the next generation of leaders, but also understands the highs and lows of the journey toward becoming a leader. He skillfully, passionately, and winsomely equips and empowers young professionals. Enhanced by personal experiences, readers will find themselves encouraged in their own leadership journey and will be better for it.”

– Dr. Doris Gomez, Dean, Regent University School of Business & Leadership

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