Leadership Consulting Services

We believe one of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of being well led. We also acknowledge that organizations are only as effective as their systems for producing great leaders. More than ever, leadership is the greatest competitive advantage for becoming the preferred workplace of the future.

We help our clients solve their most complicated leadership challenges through consulting, best-in-class program experiences and intentional coaching partnerships.

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To inquire about any of these partnership options for your organization, contact nathan@nathanmagnuson.com.

Enterprise Leadership Development Strategy
Leadership development strategy matters. Our team can evaluate your current enterprise talent development strategy, conduct an in-depth effectiveness or needs assessment and provide recommendations to enhance your talent pipeline to remain competitive.

Ideal If: You need a trusted expert to evaluate your current strategy, assess for effectiveness or gaps or partner in designing an enhanced approach for the future.
Leadership-in-a-Box (Enterprise Programming)
Our proprietary off-the-shelf programs can be delivered internally and are designed to maximize participant learning, practice and action while minimizing administrative complexity and time-commitment. All materials are conveniently included in an administrator toolkit. Over 25 topics, including: Difficult Conversations, Accountability, Leading Change, Teamwork & Leading with Resilience.

Ideal If: You need leadership program content as part of an core annual initiative, strategic priority or intervention.
Young Professionals/Emerging Talent Programs
Based on Nathan’s book Stand Out! our work with emerging talent helps organizations improve their ability to attract, engage, develop and retain their young professional workforce. Options include workshops for emerging talent, leaders and executives, formal emerging talent program cohort or enterprise assessment of emerging talent effectiveness.

Ideal If: You want to better attract, engage, develop and retain your emerging talent and stay competitive in the modern workplace.
Speaking & Workshops
With over 25 leadership workshops, our team is able to provide insightful strategies and motivate positive and practical change to improve your organization’s culture and performance. Available in-person or virtually and can be adapted to highlight crucial organizational messages.

Ideal If: You need a trusted external voice to deliver a leadership message or interactive learning experience with your team.
Executive Coaching
Coaching has demonstrated a 500% return-on-investment in terms of engagement, productivity, accelerated proficiency and retention. Our coaches partner with leaders to navigate complicated leadership and organizational dynamics and maximize performance outcomes.

Ideal If: You need to set up a coaching partnership for your leaders, a group coaching process as part of a change or learning initiative or an enterprise coaching consortium personalized for your organization.
Assessment Administration
Leadership assessments help leaders better understand and leverage their natural talents, personality traits, insights and input from others. We can administer 360 degree assessments, StrengthsFinder, DiSC and more for your team.

Ideal If: You want to set up an assessment initiative for leaders in your organization.
Fractional Project Leadership (Temporary Support)
Sometimes the best option is to temporarily invite extra talent to join your team, especially when kicking off new initiatives or in times of transition. We’re able to join your team on a temporary basis to provide additional expertise and accelerate your progress.

Ideal If: You temporarily need an experienced, partial FTE to support your team.