Powerful Question #4

Question Mark 2We’ve all received lots of advice over the years, especially when we were young or starting out on a new project or a new season of life. Some of us may still get loads of advice, whether we ask for it or not.

What’s one piece of advice that’s stuck with you through the years? What’s the key to giving great advice?

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6 thoughts on “Powerful Question #4

  1. Great question, Nathan.
    Early in my career, one of the supervisors I respected most told me that when there is conflict, there are two sides of every story. He told me to be sure to listen to both sides. Realize they will conflict with each other. And, then know that more often than not, the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

  2. “Never burn your bridges.” I can’t remember who told me that, but I’ve always hung onto it and it’s served me well. For me, one of the keys to giving great advice is to wait until it’s solicited.

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