Powerful Question #3

Question Mark 2English writer Samuel Johnson once said that “The applause of a single human being is of great significance.”

Who is one person who has applauded you in a significant way?

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8 thoughts on “Powerful Question #3

  1. I’d have to say Coach Mo. I met Coach Mo when he was the men’s basketball coach at Bryan College and I was a freshman taking a weight lifting class he was helping to teach. I didn’t figure a coach would have much relational bandwidth for someone who wasn’t on their team, but Coach Mo always made me feel like I was really important. Even today, whenever I call him up, Coach makes me feel like I made his day just by being part of it! It’s really a great “applause.” Thanks, Coach!

  2. This is also good to remember when we are trying to reach/influence a large audience. Our efforts are still worth it if we reach ONE person.

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