Powerful Question #2

Question Mark 2Everyone has development experiences throughout their life and career outside of formal training programs (school, professional certifications, etc.) that impact the way they perform as a person, professional, and a leader.

What’s one of the richest leadership development experiences you’ve ever had and how has it helped shape your leadership ability?

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8 thoughts on “Powerful Question #2

  1. I spent most of 2008 deployed in Iraq with the Army. It was extremely developmental for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest thing I got out of it was to not always look at success as getting an A+. Sometimes a passing grade is good enough. Now instead of trying to hit home runs on every single project I’m a part of, I try to pick and choose my big battles based on personal and organizational priorities.

  2. Without question, one of my richest experiences has been starting my own company. I knew it would be a challenge, but I could never have imagined all the things I would learn along the way. I would say one of the key lessons learned has been to be a great listener when meeting with prospects or clients. The better I understand and show care for their needs, the more trust I build, the better I can decide whether or not to pursue the opportunity and ultimately the better I will deliver an effective solution.

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