New Leader Onboarding

Leader onboarding is more important than ever because leaders are turning over more frequently than ever. The result is extremely high recruiting costs, lagging team performance and poor team engagement.

We’ll help you onboard your leaders the right way to accelerate proficiency, build trust and engagement and maximize results while reducing the odds of new leader failure. Pick any (or all) of the following options:

  • Onboarding Coaching – Four session coaching option for new leaders to accelerate prioritizing, planning, relationships and outcomes.
  • New Leader Onboarding Guide – Utilize proprietary 90 day onboarding guide.
  • New Leader Assimilation (Best for Executives) – Facilitated team-building event that combines pre-submitted team input with the new leader’s priorities and leadership expectations in an informal setting. (Pairs well with leadership assessment option.)

Additionally, we’re able design a customized New Leader Orientation for your organization, and contribute Leadership-in-a-Box content as needed.

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