Turning Career Aspirations Into Meaning Conversations

Video: Turning Career Aspirations Into Meaningful Conversations – 2 min

The most successful professionals make a habit of sharing their aspirations with others who can support them on their career journey.
Individuals who demonstrate maturity in career discussions do a few things differently:
  • They initiate the conversations instead of waiting to be asked
  • They come prepared with their goals for performance and growth
  • They ask for input
  • They make it an ongoing discussion instead of a one time conversation
It is very difficult to for organizations to meet last minute demands, such as needing to match an outside job offer. But when we ask for what we want ahead of time, we’re much more likely to get what we want.
And by the way, your supervisor isn’t the sole person you can speak with. There are likely several individuals inside and outside your organization who would be willing to share their input if you ask them.
Key Takeaway: When you share your career aspirations in a mature, collaborative manner, you’re much more likely to improve both the results and the relationships along the way.

Video Question:

Who can you share your career aspirations with in a mature, collaborative way?

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