High Performance Leadership Series

The Leadership-in-a-Box® High Performance Leadership Series is a collection of critical skill modules, facilitated by Nathan Magnuson and the Leadership-in-a-Box® team. They can be can be delivered independently or as part of a custom cohort.

The Leadership-in-a-Box® High Performance Leadership Series fits best for targeted executive or high potential leadership development, or as part of an internal signature leadership program.

Popular examples include:

  • Executive Leadership Retreat (single topic)
  • High Potential Leadership Academy (one skill topic per quarter)
  • Regional/Dept/Business Unit Development Series (one skill topic per quarter)

Series Structure

  • Half-Day Workshop (in-person or virtual)
  • Weekly micro-video reinforcements (5 weeks)
  • 60 min Group Coaching Recap (virtual)


  • Individual skill assessment
  • Team commitments & action planning
  • Supporting performance tools (article, video program, action planning worksheets)
  • Optional: Executive Sponsor workshop portion

High Performance Leadership Series Topics

  • High Performance Accountability
  • High Performance Change
  • High Performance Conversations
  • High Performance Engagement
  • High Performance Feedback
  • High Performance Influence
  • High Performance Productivity
  • High Performance Talent Development
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • High Performance Trust

Sample: High Performance Accountability


  • Onsite workshop (half-day): individual skill assessments, team commitments & action planning
  • Weekly micro video reinforcements (with performance workbook)
    • Week 1: Accountability Starts with Me (2 min)
    • Week 2: Clarity Enables High Performance (2 min)
    • Week 3: The Four Levels of Responsibility (2 min)
    • Week 4: Who + What + When (2 min)
    • Week 5: How Will We Follow Up? (2 min)
  • Virtual Group Coaching (60 min): reinforce learning & team commitments & action progress