Engagement Challenge Day 9: Purpose Comes from Within

Day 9: Purpose Come from Within – 2 min

The question of purpose has risen to the forefront of our organizational and societal conversations about engagement. We’re asking questions like:

  • What is my purpose?
  • What is the organization’s purpose?
  • How can I find my purpose?

It can feel confusing, but it’s not that complicated. Purpose isn’t about accomplishment, it’s about contribution. It’s the thing you most want to contribute.

Instead of working to “sell” the organization’s purpose, leaders should work to understand the individual purpose of the members of their teams. What do they most want to contribute? Then they should provide support and encouragement.

When team members have the opportunity to contribute what matters most to them, they are engaged intrinsically.

Key Takeaway: Leaders should foster individual purpose, which is the contribution someone most wants to make.

Day 9 Question:

What contribution does a member of your team most want to make this year?

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