Engagement Challenge Day 4: Wellbeing Wins

Day 4: Wellbeing Wins – 3 min

Everyone wants to contribute great work and be part of a winning team and a winning culture… but when people feel like they can’t breathe, none of the other things matter anymore.

  • The quality of their work suffers
  • The quality of their service to the customer suffers
  • They may choose to exit the organization as a means of survival

This is the affect ongoing stress & burnout can have for each person.

Wellbeing is like a battery. Each day a person’s battery is either charged or depleted. Too many depletions without a charge, and a person is at a severe risk of a crash.

Key Takeaway: For individuals to stay engaged in their work, their wellbeing must be protected.

Day 4 Question:

How can you bring a quick and easy wellbeing recharge to the members of your team?

Is there something that will charge YOUR battery at the same time?

Bring Leadership-in-a-Box® to your organization!

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