Engagement Challenge Day 3: The Leader Experience is the Starting Point

Day 3: The Leader Experience is the Starting Point – 2 min

In many respects, leadership is similar to customer service. When we deliver a positive leader experience:

  • Team members stick around
  • Team members produce more
  • Team members give great reviews

Unfortunately, when they receive a poor experience, they leave.

The leader is the greatest single factor that affects engagement AND retention.

It’s not always about being a “good boss” or a “bad boss” – people are more nuanced than that. Instead of trying to be a good boss, leaders should focus on trying to create positive experiences – especially by showing that they care.

Key Takeaway: The greatest opportunity for engagement is a leader who creates positive experiences.

Day 3 Question:

What is one thing you can do this week to demonstrate to your team that you care about them as individuals?

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