Engagement Challenge Day 1: Winning the Heart

Day 1: Winning the Heart – 2 min

There are three key “anatomy” categories of engagement:

  • Hands (physical commitment) – Provision for what people need to live and perform their work (pay, work/life fit, equipment, etc.)
  • Head (mental commitment) – Logical rationale for remaining in an organization (career path, future opportunity & rewards, etc.)
  • Heart (emotional commitment) – Given opportunity to contribute personally meaningful work as a valued member of team and organization

Each category is important, but one of the big engagement mistakes leaders often make is trying to address a “heart” issue with a “hand” or “head” solution.

Key Takeaway: The key to engagement is winning the heart – and when we do, people often volunteer their head and hands for free!

Day 1 Question:

Are the individuals on your team engaged at the hands, head or heart level?

What can you do this week to win their hearts?

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