Engagement Challenge Day 1 Preview: Winning the Heart

Day 1: Winning the Heart – 2 min

There are three key “anatomy” categories of engagement:

  • Hands (physical commitment) – Provision for what people need to live and perform their work (pay, work/life fit, equipment, etc.)
  • Head (mental commitment) – Logical rationale for remaining in an organization (career path, future opportunity & rewards, etc.)
  • Heart (emotional commitment) – Given opportunity to contribute personally meaningful work as a valued member of team and organization

Each category is important, but one of the big engagement mistakes leaders often make is trying to address a “heart” issue with a “hand” or “head” solution.

Key Takeaway: The key to engagement is winning the heart – and when we do, people often volunteer their head and hands for free!

Day 1 Question:

Are the individuals on your team engaged at the hands, head or heart level?

What can you do this week to win their hearts?

The 10 Day Engagement Challenge

Launches January 31, 2022, will include:

Daily video delivered via email

Virtual workbook

Discussion group on video page