Communication Essentials Video 4: The Right Time and Place

Video 4: The Right Time and Place – 2 min

Your message (the “what”) matters, and so does the “manner” (your ability to connect). But your method matters too. That’s the time and place you select to communicate.

Should you:

  • Meet face-to-face?
  • Send a text message or email?
  • Schedule a phone call or video call?
  • Communicate in a team meeting or large group announcement?

The nature of the information dictates which setting is most appropriate.

Make sure the most important member of the audience isn’t the last one to receive the message – that’ll cause a big problem!

When you choose your time and place wisely, you put yourself in the best position to receive a positive response.
Key Takeaway: Selecting the appropriate setting (the time and place) to share your message will position you to receive a positive response.

Day 4 Question:

Consider the next important message you need to share.

What is the most appropriate setting for this communication?

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