Businessmen Shaking Hands --- Image by © Bloomimage/Corbis

No professional training has quite impacted my ability to effectively partner with clients, colleagues emerging leaders than leadership coaching. It’s been a decade since I started coaching leaders to see and shape their desired future.

Most leaders in organizations of all size lack the benefit of a coach or thought advisor as they negotiate challenging and volatile initiatives, even with a fully staffed internal HR team. Even the ones who do can benefit immensely from either regular or intermittent conversations with a coach to help them clarity priorities, determine future goals, test ideas, create action plans and execute. The time invested in thought partnership with a coach can save incredible amounts of enterprise time and cost.

Some of the areas where organizational leaders benefit most from coaching are:

  • Vision, mission and strategic thinking
  • Change and transition management
  • Personal and team development
  • Learning strategy and programming
  • Talent management
  • Project execution

If you’d like to learn more about what to look for in a coach, how to select a coach or for a referral to a highly qualified coach from my network, please contact me.

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