10 Day Engagement Challenge!

10 Day Engagement Challenge

Launches on January 31, 2022

Did you know that disengagement costs approximately 34% of an employee’s salary (McLean & Company) and that a conservative estimate is that turnover costs an additional 50-75% (SHRM)?

What about the study showing that 65% of employees are currently looking for new jobs (Fortune)?

Most leaders can’t afford to lose their best team members, but lack confidence in their ability to engage and retain them following their pandemic experience. There’s so much at stake!

That’s why we’re launching a 10 Day Engagement Challenge to begin 2022!

  • What: 10 Day Engagement Challenge
  • Format: Daily micro videos + digital workbook and discussion group
  • When: 10 weekday mornings, beginning on January 31
  • Cost: $10 per person (that’s just $1 per day!)

Beginning on Monday morning, January 31, we’ll send a 3-5 minute micro video featuring a top lesson from our “Engaging & Retaining Teams” Leadership-in-a-Box program on ten consecutive weekdays. We’ll also include a workbook and a special discussion thread for you to interact with the other challenge participants.

Here’s the 10 Day Agenda:

  • Day 1: Win the Heart (here’s a preview)
  • Day 2: It’s All About Connection
  • Day 3: The Leader Experience is the Starting Point
  • Day 4: Wellbeing Wins
  • Day 5: Clarity Compels
  • Day 6: It’s Not the Change, it’s the Process
  • Day 7: Can I Grow Here?
  • Day 8: A Seat and a Voice
  • Day 9: Purpose Comes from Within
  • Day 10: The Leader’s Applause

Total Time Commitment: 5 minutes per day (watch the video + answer the daily question).

Benefit: By engaging with the videos and discussion, you’ll create an actionable plan to accelerate your engagement efforts with your team (even if you miss a day or two!).

The 10 Day Engagement Challenge is a one-time opportunity going into 2022. We’d love to have you join in!

Please don’t wait until your best team member leaves to make engagement a priority!

Please contact nathan@nathanmagnuson.com if you’d like to register over 50 participants from your organization.

This challenge is adapted from the Leadership-in-a-Box® program:

Engaging & Retaining Teams

Bring Leadership-in-a-Box® to your organization!