Leading Others the Dale Carnegie Way

March 18, 2013

Dale Carnegie profileThere are two times most people start thinking about leadership. The first is when they experience poor leadership for the first time. Usually one of their first bosses rubs them the wrong way or they have a poor customer experience from a trusted organization. The second time is when they are put in a position of leadership and experience their first leadership challenge. What once appeared to be so easy, so intuitive, so common sense is now complicated and stressful!

Last month I had the privilege to write a guest post on Eric Jacobson’s leadership blog. I shared the 9 principles Dale Carnegie taught on how to be a leader. (Dale Carnegie is author of the classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People). This was one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve ever written. Whether this is your first leadership role or you are a seasoned veteran, if you are experiencing a leadership challenge, I trust this post will truly come in handy.

View my post on How to Be a Leader – 9 Principles from Dale Carnegie here.

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7 responses to Leading Others the Dale Carnegie Way

  1. Love Dale Carnegie, heading over now.

  2. Sweet! Checking it out…but as always I’m a step behind Dan Black.

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